Golden Food 24


Golden Food 24 is a wholesale and export managing company. We focus on the trade with raw and semi finished goods for the grocery market, wholesale industry as well as bakery and pastry shops wholesale.

Customer requests are very important to us

Customer requests are very important to us

We emphasize face-to-face contact. We work with every individual request of our customers. We are highly motivated and we aim to completely satisfy our customers’ needs and thereby exceed their expectations.

We offer pure indulgence for all of your choices: It does not matter if you need 50 kilograms or multiple tons of nuts, seeds, dry fruits or grains. We are flexible and work with your order. Customers are our number one priority. Whether being wholesale companies, gastronomy, small or big bakeries, to groceries, industry or sweet producers, we’d love to consult you and offer you a service which won’t leave requests or questions open!

Best pricing for best quality

We strive for honest pricing and extraordinary product quality. The direct contact with the producer gives us an exact state of knowledge on origin and planting methods of our products.

Natural products are a matter of trust

Natural products are a matter of trust

Our quality inspectors are on location to ensure that our quality criterion is observed. Only in that way, can one guarantee the highest operational standard of product safety. We only work with the highest quality, which is offered to us by manufacturers.

Good products need good logistics

Our long lasting experience on the international supply market does not only guarantee best quality, but also a reliable and timely delivery.

We promise freshness

We use shipping companies and ocean carriers specialized in transport and storage of groceries in a worldwide union of network.