Golden Food 24


Grains - basic food with new tips for extra vitality

Our life without grains is scarcely conceivable today, given how prevalent bread, cake and pasta are in our diet. Indeed, grains contain important minerals and vitamins and provide nourishing in many forms other than bread. In short: Our body needs carbohydrates and vitamin B complexes for a balanced and vital diet.


To be sure, some nutritionists criticize the fact that grains lost many vital substances due to their cultivation. In their view, grains such as spelt, rye, oats, barley and wheat should be used as sprouts. In this form, vegetables are fresh and healthy and contain usable amino acids with important fatty acids and chlorophyll, which is important for the haematopoiesis.

Criticism aside, it is hard to imagine everyday life without the excellent and satiating grain. Why don’t you try to make bread out of sprouts?