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Hazelnuts as nourishment for the nervous system? Absolutely! Thanks to their high lecithin content, hazelnuts favour our memory and nervous system operation. Nuts, however, offer further benefits to our health: Large quantities of fatty acids (more than 60%) and proteins, calcium, iron as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. What is more, their high fiber content favours intestinal transit.

A cautionary note to people suffering from allergy to birch tree pollen: hazelnuts contain similar allergenic subtances.

A poem by Klaus Ender describes the hazelnut as follows:

[…] Shaped like a heart – as tough nut,
it goes out into the world,
it’s big must-have is to be hard,
and this is what it likes to be.

It survives the many fruits,
that fall softly from the tree,
and seek their salvation as windfall
like money that is thrown away.

It even reached the Christmas tree,
bright between candlelight,
and already sees itself in beautiful dreams,
being the “nut of the world” […]


Origins and spread of the hazelnut:

The hazel tree originates from the Campania region, near the Vesuvius, and can grow up to 6 meters in height. The 15 different kinds of hazel trees carry both masculine and feminine inflorescence in every tree, which makes wind-driven self-pollination possible. Interestingly enough, Hazel trees spread thanks to squirrels, which  fail to find some of their nut winter stock.

Hazel trees can be found in big parts of Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus, extending up to the Polar circle in Norway. Despite its wide spreading, the hazel tree is a demanding plant, which needs nutrient-ladden clay soils, and abundant light.

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