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Nuts and what you need to know about them

Idioms on empty and hard nuts

The term “head-knock” is well-known by everyone. But where do these terms and idioms come from? What do terms such as empty or hard nut mean? Why do we say that somebody “must crack a hard nut”?

A hard nut to crack can either be a person that is not easy to handle or a task, which is difficult to cope with. Exactly the same happens with a nut: It is surrounded with a hard shell which must be cracked to get to the delicious inner part.  

Nuts contain many nutrients

Various nuts and semi-finished products out of nuts

From a botanic standpoint, nuts are fruits and belong to the family of edible nuts.  In contrast to most fruits, however, nuts contain little water and numerous fats, proteins, carbohydrates, as well as a high fiber and nutrient content.

Nuts keep us healthy

The regular consumption of nuts protects us from heart attacks and strokes. Moreover,  they significantly reduce the risk of diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

While this might sound like a magic potion from fairy tales, there is ample scientified evidence in this respect.

Scientists of Mayo Clinic in Rochester and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, USA, explored the nut protection properties against cancer. To that end, they exposed over 30,000 people to a 36-hour experiment, which showed that nuts do indeed help in reducing cancer development risk.

2009 Scientists of Harvard found out that, based on 13 studies on walnuts, nuts both decreased the cholesterol level and help reduce weight.

Nuts favour the nervous system operation


A well-known product describes it appropriately: Nuts and raisins

It’s always good to have a packet of nuts in your back pocket. Thanks to chemical messengers such as choline and lecithin, nuts increase the brain performance. Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts contain the highest choline content of all nuts, and thus deliver power and energy.

However, we would adice against eating more than a handful of nuts a day, because their healthy and valuable ingredients come with a lot of fat on the side.